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Polycor and Indiana Limestone Company Join Forces

Announcing the merger of two world-class leaders in the natural stone industry, Canadian-based Polycor Inc. and American-based Indiana Limestone Company.

Polycor Stone – Surrounding Your Every Day Life

Walk a few blocks in any city center and you’ll encounter Polycor stone in one application or another. From curbing, to paving, to the countertop at your local coffee shop, Polycor stones are locally quarried and made by nature to suit local environments.

“Polycor Granite Quarries – The True Nature of Stone”

The durability and beauty of Polycor’s granite hardscape and masonry products are made by the earth and for the earth. Explore the heart of stone inside these iconic North American quarries, owned and operated by Polycor.

Our Stone Roots: Polycor Builds Strong Communities, One Stone at a Time

Our communities are at the very heart of Polycor, not only in the people we employ and the stone we quarry, but in our efforts to build a sustainable industry and a rich cultural environment where we work.

Polycor on This Old House | Naragansett, Rhode Island

Rehabbing a home like this needs historical accuracy and authentic materials to maintain as much historic architectural value and charm as possible… The project is featured as the “Seaside Victorian Cottage” on the 42nd season of This Old House TV.

Three industry leaders are joining forces

Three industry leaders are joining forces and combining their passions for natural stone to create what is now the largest natural stone company in North America and one of the biggest in the world.

Georgia Marble: The Pillar of Marble in America

… How can a small peaceful community become a pillar of America? Well, let me tell you. You must wake up every morning believing that your small achievements can leave a monumental imprint…

Indiana Limestone – From Quarry to Installation

The legendary Polycor quarries in southern Indiana have provided a distinctive limestone stone for an amazing number of the U.S.’s most noted monuments and buildings such as the Pentagon, the National Cathedral, and Rockefeller Center.

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Stones rock! Well, we certainly think so and so will you once you learn all there is to know about building with natural stone hardscaping products. Bonus: your clients will love it too! 

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Introduction to Hardscaping with Natural Stone Pavers & Slabs

The perfect primer for new hardscape pros and do-it-yourselfers!

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How to Install Limestone Pavers on an Open Graded Base

The perfect primer for new hardscape pros and do-it-yourselfers!

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How to Install a Granite Slab Paver Patio With EZBase

Just like 201, but WAY more fun! I mean, really really fun!

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How To Build A Round Granite Firepit

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