How To Build A Round Granite Firepit

Firepits are a fantastic way to add instant appeal to any outdoor living space, creating a cozy nook for gatherings or quiet contemplation, but are also a feature that lets you enjoy relaxing in the great outdoors beyond the summer season.  

While brick and precast may be typical fire pit options, there are several reasons to go with granite instead. Unlike brick and concrete, granite blocks are naturally durable and will withstand the freeze-thaw cycles of colder climates, have greater density and can withstand the demands of ongoing direct contact with high heat. They are also maintenance-free. This DIY firepit kit is made from 7″ thick blocks of solid cut granite, so there are far less pieces required than with a brick or concrete fire pit. Also, no mortar or adhesive is required, but can be used if desired – the blocks themselves are heavy enough to be dry-stacked with their own weight holding them tight together. Less stone, less time, and best of all, less work for you!

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