Stone Facades: Introduction To The Eclad System Using natural stone facade panels

Facade systems are classified into 3 general categories - Grid / Ventilated Facades, Unitized Systems and Handset Systems. Polycor natural stone is compatible with any facade system and is easily adaptable to suit the manufacturer's requirements. Eclad is a leading manufacturer of aluminium grid systems that offers architects flexible design solutions of the highest performance specification. They are more flexible and economical in terms of ease of installation to meet modern, fast-track construction schedules while also catering to a wide range of stone dimensions and thicknesses. In this video, the EClad system components are highlighted in a step-by-step facade mock-up utilizing Polycor's Bethel White granite.

Learn about the benefits and installation details of an aluminum rainscreen facade system, manufactured by EClad, with Polycor’s iconic Bethel White granite facade panels.

In this video you will see how the Eclad system provides the following:

  • a 3 dimensional anchor system providing fast accurate installation designed to cater to building tolerances and movement
  • vertical mullions that are independent of stone joints for maximum efficiency
  • complete weather tightness is achieved prior to installation of the natural stone cladding, thus removing it from the critical path
  • horizontal mullion joints allow for horizontal expansion; useful on steel structures and in seismic regions
  • stone facade panel installation is non-sequential allowing cladding to progress in line with the contractor’s requirements
  • stone panels are individually supported and restrained allowing them to be replaced easily and quickly during, and after, construction
  • stone support and restraint clips lock vertically into the horizontal rail thus increasing the resistance to separation
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